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Camden Haven Historical Society

We tell stories of the villages along the Camden Haven Valley. Rediscover what shapes Camden Haven from its ship building, marine activities, timber industry, farming and the day Bob Hope unexpectedly arrived in the town.

This water colour painting by W. Foster of the vessel commonly visited the Camden Haven Inlet to transport mainly timber and agricultural goods to Sydney.


The Camden Haven Historical Museum is in the Laurieton School of Arts.

The Camden Haven Historical Museum is located in the Laurieton School of Arts building.

Laurieton School of Arts is a single storey timber building constructed in 1911 of State heritage significance. It is a rare and remarkably intact School of Arts conjoined with Supper Room, Servery and Kitchen, Billiard Room Library and Reading Room. It shows the optimum development of its type in NSW and the importance of associated with School of Arts in NSW. Its all timber construction, weatherboard joinery and timber lining demonstrate typical pre-World War I building standards, materials and methods. It has strong associations with the cultural life of Laurieton in the first half of the twentieth century. (Trevor Jamison, Conservation Management Strategy 2003)



Camden Haven Historical Museum
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